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#4098546 - 02/22/21 04:19 PM Problem Swapping Front Seats 2010 P7B from 2003 LX
2ManyCars Offline

Registered: 02/22/21
Posts: 3
Loc: TN, USA
I have a 2010 P7B that was a former patrol car, so the seats were the standard cloth bucket seats and pretty worn. I also had a parts car, a 2003 LX with a leather interior. So, I thought I would swap the seats so I could enjoy the leather seats.
I swapped them the night before I scrapped the 2003 LX. Surprise, when I went to fasten the seat belts, No Joy! I didn't realize that the buckle connections would NOT be the same. And of course, the '03 LX was now gone with my '10 bucket seats. So, I thought I will go to the local pick-a-part and get some replacement bucket seats. So, I found a 2008 CVPI with what looked like the same seats as my 2010, and bought them. Got them home and put them in, and Guess What? The buckles don't work either. So, did some research, looks like 2003-2008 used the same buckles, but 2010 is different.
So, what is my next move? I can return the seats I bought from pick-a-part and get a refund if I do it quickly. But, is there a way to use either the replacement '08 buckets or the '03 leather seats with an adapter for the buckle? Bearing in mind, there were 2 connections under the seat in the 2010, only 1 on the leather seats. So, I am concerned about the air bag sensors too.
A mistake all-around on my part, I was just making assumptions since I've owned several crown victoria's, plus "senior moments" all along the way. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance...
2003 CVPI
2010 CVPI

#4098548 - 02/22/21 04:35 PM Re: Problem Swapping Front Seats 2010 P7B from 2003 LX [Re: 2ManyCars]
2007CrownVic Offline
Over the Hill

Registered: 11/19/11
Posts: 3101
Loc: Canada
If you can't easily get the right buckles what about changing the seat belts?

The later years usually had side air bags in the seats too that the older ones don't have but I think I remember there's an easy way of using a jumper wire or resistor to keep the light off.

#4098552 - 02/22/21 05:11 PM Re: Problem Swapping Front Seats 2010 P7B from 2003 LX [Re: 2007CrownVic]
2ManyCars Offline

Registered: 02/22/21
Posts: 3
Loc: TN, USA
I thought about changing the buckle part of the belts, just what is connected through the inboard sides of the buckets. I would like to avoid having the pull off the seat belts, fearing that the connections or sensors might not be the same. Also, I wonder if the sensor/connections would be the same from 2008 to 2010.
I can look around and find a 2010 seat and remove the buckle. I wouldn't have the side air bags. But maybe that would be ok.
2003 CVPI
2010 CVPI

#4098700 - 02/23/21 03:47 PM Re: Problem Swapping Front Seats 2010 P7B from 2003 LX [Re: 2ManyCars]
BigNSlow Offline
Aussie powered

Registered: 01/31/03
Posts: 41269
Swap the buckles. We did this swap on my buddy's 2011 CVPI and Marauder seats.

Also, have you tested all the other functionality? As I recall we couldn't get the lumbar support to work because wiring is different.
Originally Posted By Ezbok58a
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I'm sure I'm missing some but that's techno as we know him...

#4098752 - 02/23/21 09:00 PM Re: Problem Swapping Front Seats 2010 P7B from 2003 LX [Re: 2ManyCars]
2ManyCars Offline

Registered: 02/22/21
Posts: 3
Loc: TN, USA
Thanks for the info, I will go to the pick-a-part place and get a couple of the buckles.
So, I will end up with the following - 2010 CVPI (originally with power driver's seat and manual passenger seat), but now with 2008 CVPI manual bucket seats - both driver's and passenger's. I am ok with that. I will check the lumbar support switch.
2003 CVPI
2010 CVPI

#4098760 - 02/23/21 09:33 PM Re: Problem Swapping Front Seats 2010 P7B from 2003 LX [Re: 2ManyCars]
Davidzq Offline

Registered: 01/19/15
Posts: 365
Loc: Seattle, WA
Your options are pretty simple...
Either find some 09-11 buckles. Or swap in 03-08 seatbelts (the connections should match).

2009+ had side airbags standard.
08- they were an option.
If your LX seats do not have airbags, you'll need to add them.
They're held in by two 11mm nuts and an electrical connector, very straight forward swap. Though some non-airbag seats don't have the mounting tan, while others do...
If it doesn't, you either just leave the airbags sitting there, or swap the back frames.

Obviously you'll need to do some wire splicing on the 04 seats (05+ are the same).
The small brown connector is lower power seat movement.
The large grey connector (05+) holds recline,lumbar, seatbelt, airbag, weight sensor (passenger), and track sensor (driver). The 04 seats will have wires for all of these.

One final warning, which should not affect you, but just in case...2011s have a different, year Specific, back frame and headrest. So wouldn't work well for parts if you need to replace the frame.

Edited by Davidzq (02/23/21 09:38 PM)
David Hensley
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