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Tri State Panthers heads back to the Philadelphia Navy Yard on Sunday June 13th 2021.
Inviting all Ford Crown Victoria's, Lincoln Town Cars, Mercury Grand Marquis & Marauder's.

Philadelphia Naval Yard

5000 S Broad St

10a - 3p

There are a lot of cool Historic Buildings and Ships for photo ops with your Cars. At the end of the Meet we will do group shots and roll by's at different spots in the Yard.


RESPECT the Meet! Burnouts/ Donuts, Speeding, Loud Systems, general idiotic behavior will NOT be tolerated!
IF you have Flashing Lights/Strobes/Sirens, keep them turned OFF!
We do NOT need unwanted attention!
There is a Philadelphia Police Station at the Yard Entrance as well as US Navy Police and Yard Security that Patrol. We do not want to get kicked out from the Yard or see anyone possibly get arrested or their Car Impounded
2009 P71 ...stock so far but that will change. X5 axle