Good evening all,

I've got an error code 33 with my airbag light, so the driver seat pretensioner (a retractor, you name it) is at fault. It wasn't an accident, it just died by itself. The dealer confirms the diagnosis, but they don't have the part:

Seat Belt Lap And Shoulder Belt - Ford BW7Z-5461200-AB

They are different in colors, so I was able to find only the black belts while mine is tan ("camel", or whatever Ford calls this color).

As I want the pretensioner to be fully operational, I am looking for a new part, but it seems to be a hell of a quest. Meanwhile, there are some services like -- does anyone has any good experience with them? I could source some junkyard parts, but it's probably a bad idea because no one knows if their pyros are in good shape.

Please help; thank you!
2005 Mercury Grand Marquis LS, 175K miles
+ Rear headrests
+ Ziebart rust proofing
+ Sound deadening
+ Custom 2.73 rear axle with a LSD