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#4121184 - 09/17/21 11:15 AM '04 Grand Marquis
noodlenoggin Offline


Registered: 03/27/05
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Loc: Ionia, MI
I just updated my "'04 MGM in Florida" thread and realized how old and janky that thread is -- missing pictures, broken links. Nasty. So, sorry for the (2-posts) spam.

I've had my '04 Grand Marquis GS since 2014. I bought it with about 27,000 miles on it, and this morning it has 74,889. That's about 4,400 miles/year on average. It got more when I first got it and commuted in it...much less since 2016 when I changed jobs and it started basically driving to the airport and sitting for a week.

Here it is shortly after I bought it:

And here it is this morning:

I bought it when I lived in Florida, at a dealer in Lakeland. An old couple had bought it new...driven it around locally for ten years, and traded it back into the same dealer with those 27,000 miles on it. And I bought it at that same dealership. It was LIT-erally a grandpa car -- even had a pair of cataract sunglasses in the glovebox. We drove it up to Michigan when we moved at the end of 2016, and that's the first snow or salt this thing ever saw.

Like I said, I travel a lot for work -- less during the pandemic, naturally -- and I've rented cars weekly for the past five years. In those five years there have only been a couple of cars that I've liked as much as my old Mercury -- I dearly love having what I call an "analog driving experience." There's no safety nannies beeping at me, or shaking the wheel, or stomping my brakes. I actually have to DRIVE my car and I love it. I have knobs and buttons for controls, and not a touchscreen that I have to look at to change the defroster.

That said, there are some features that I miss on my 17-year-old car:
* An outside thermometer, which was on my '95 T-bird, so I don't know why it's not on my '04 Mercury.
* A backup camera, because of huge butt vs. tight parking spots.
* Steering-wheel radio controls, because it's a reach.

But that's about it. There have been SO many new rentals in the past five years that I turn in thinking "geez, people actually buy these things? Boring, bland, characterless sedans and crossovers. $40k German cars with fewer features than my wife's Subaru. The Land Rover Discovery Sport that bruised my knee on the hard console on a bumpy road. After five years, the only cars I've even considered as a replacement were the Jeep Gladiator and the 455hp Camaro SS. Maybe a Chevy Tahoe.

Since buying it, it's needed:
* New rear shocks
* New thermostat
* New fuel pump - last year and the only time it's ever stranded me
* New tires
* New blend door actuator (for the heater control knob)
* New blinker - $28 total damages when I killed a deer with it
* New grille, after it took a bird through it

It currently needs a new right-side cat, as it's rattling and spinning around -- but that part is about $200 on Rockauto.

That's it, that's my new thread. I'll probably update it every couple of years, like the old one.
"Have you sailed in a Ford....lately?" | 2004 Grand Marquis -- 65,000 miles | Previously: 1984 Crown Victoria

#4121214 - 09/17/21 01:17 PM Re: '04 Grand Marquis [Re: noodlenoggin]
Packman Offline

Registered: 01/17/07
Posts: 857
Loc: Joisey
Nice MGM!!! You really kept that in good shape.

I have a '05 MGM that I bought in 2016 with 70k on the odometer. Previously owned by a retired police captain. Like yours, my MGM is as base as it gets. Analog gauges, cd/cassette player with a radio that doesn't ID the songs it plays, etc..... I guess a base model MGM is way cheaper than a moderately loaded Crown Vic. I just know that my Mom's '05 Explorer blows my MGM out of the water as far as options go (message center, backup alarm, auto dimming rear view mirror, and pretty much every other option you can think of). 80k+ miles later, I am now just beginning to mod the car despite being resolved not to when I first got it :-/ Just the way it is with these cars.

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#4121278 - 09/17/21 05:35 PM Re: '04 Grand Marquis [Re: Packman]
noodlenoggin Offline


Registered: 03/27/05
Posts: 232
Loc: Ionia, MI
Nice! Definitely something to be said about a platform designed for a generation that prizes durability and longevity over toys and flash, right?

Thinking about it, though, the state of cars in 2004 was WAYYY different than now. That was the tail end of the era when every car DIDN'T have power locks, mirrors, windows and seats; tilt wheel; automatic headlights; cruise control; air conditioning; any steering wheel controls at all; CD player or a button to release the trunk. Those WERE the luxury options. Now the tiniest new car has those.
"Have you sailed in a Ford....lately?" | 2004 Grand Marquis -- 65,000 miles | Previously: 1984 Crown Victoria


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