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#60004 - 12/31/02 08:28 PM Re: 90MM MAF - New Comp?
Rider90 Offline
Over the Hill

Registered: 12/24/02
Posts: 4451
Loc: Illinois
I suppose I would be a newbie, and since I joined I assumed The Man WAS Dennis...but I guess anyone else care to explain to us newcomers?
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#60005 - 12/31/02 08:41 PM Re: 90MM MAF - New Comp?
P71_Interceptor Offline

Registered: 08/11/01
Posts: 6716
In reply to:

I suppose I would be a newbie, and since I joined I assumed The Man WAS Dennis...but I guess anyone else care to explain to us newcomers?

Sure. I didn't mean to be rude BTW to call ya'll Newbies like that. It's just that the Pro-M MAF crap has been rehashed TO DEATH with crappy results by those the tried it.

"THE MAN"(His name is NOT mentioned on this forum per HIS personal request) is basically the 4.6L engine Tech GOD (if you will). He's a former FORD engineer that works for Jack Roush Racing.

"THE MAN"/Dennis have done countless numbers of Chip Calibrations on Moduler engine equipped Fords. They also have spent hundreds of hours on Dynos with these vehicles as well.

"THE MAN" knows "SHIZOT" about programming for these vehilces that other Chip Cookie Cutter companies could only dream of. Just let me say...."There's more to calibrating chips than tuning Spark/Fuel tables.

I'm SURE I forgot to mention something about them, but I'm sure the viewers here will chime in.

Also, I think it's safe to say that everyone that has a Chip from Dennis and "THE MAN" are EXTREMELY pleases with their product (myself included) !!
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#60006 - 01/01/03 02:54 PM Re: 90MM MAF - New Comp?
Mark_Bench Offline

Registered: 07/28/02
Posts: 333
Personally I have been working with.selling and using Pro-M products for at least 5 years, and have never had an issue with it in any way, I am not trying to start a fight but just because I have not been on for a long time does not make me a "newbie" I have been in the ford performance business for awhile now, thanks..... I stand by my support of the Pro-M products, been ruinning it in everything from Mustangs to trucks(crownvic included) without an issue...
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Mark Bench

#60007 - 01/01/03 02:59 PM Re: 90MM MAF - New Comp?
JohnG Offline
Tech Admin
Grand Poobah

Registered: 06/15/01
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Loc: Socialist state of MN
This is simple, ProM or not that is....

ProM LIES to the EEC, that's their method of "tuning". The MAF tells the EEC the airflow is "x" to get the AFR "correct", even though the airflow is REALLY NOT "x", but "z". That causes the EEC to INCORRECTLY calculate LOAD, therefore it will use the WRONG look-up tables (for "z", the REAL load).

End of story.
- 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis (GMQ) GS - aka "Data"
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#60008 - 01/01/03 03:12 PM Re: 90MM MAF - New Comp?
Rider90 Offline
Over the Hill

Registered: 12/24/02
Posts: 4451
Loc: Illinois
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2004 Marauder - 423RWHP/456RWTQ - Trilogy #121

#60009 - 01/03/03 10:36 AM Re: 90MM MAF - New Comp?
Turbo331 Offline

Registered: 12/10/02
Posts: 18
P71 Interceptor, no offense taken by the newbie comment. It DOES suprise me though how often people break out the newbie card just because someones post counter says less than a certain number.

But as for the Pro-M just manipulating stock signals to trick the stock computer, what do you think a chip does?????????

Unless you run a stand alone computer like the EPEC (?sp) or DFI, TEC3, etc.. You are still just manipulating the signals to get the results you want.

UNLESS: you do what Dennis and the MAN (J#%!...) are working on (or maybe have completed by now, I dont know). Actually flashing the stock computer with their own changes. Instead of using Diablo Sport chips and putting their progs there. I agree, Dennis is one of "the Men" in these type cars from what I am reading. I live in the same town as him and actually watched him installing a supercharger on one of his Lincolns. I was getting gears installed in my mustang at his shop one night late and he was working after hours. I do not know him other than that night. But do know a number of people that do know him.

But I am the newbie and honestly dont know a whole lot about CV's and 4.6's. Thats why I am here. To learn...! Thanks for your help.
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