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#4111518 - 06/02/21 05:35 PM How to eliminate LED Hyper-Flash by Bypassing LCM
refe12 Offline

Registered: 05/15/21
Posts: 2
Loc: Texas
Hi Everyone I'm new to this website but it's really cool to see that Panther Platform owners have a corner of the internet all to themselves. I am writing this post just to help anyone that ran into the same issue that I did and since I already fixed it I wanted to post it for anyone browsing for solutions. I recently upgraded to all LED lights for my 2011 CVPI and encountered the notorious hyper-flash. I decided to just bypass the LCM and wire in a LED Compatible Relay. The job took around 2 hours to do it right and the hardest part was honestly just the space constraint. All the wires are easy to access and mess with. Keep in mind this was done on a 2011 CVPI and I cannot guarantee that these instructions or pictures will match what your vehicle might have installed from the factory.

To bypass the LCM, you will need to cut the factory harness and splice in some wire and wire in a new LED Compatible Relay. MAKE SURE IT SAYS LED COMPATIBLE OR ELSE IT WILL NOT WORK! Locate the black plug in the back of the LCM. The LCM is a black rectangular box located on top of the OBDII Port.


You want to find the plug that has the thicker Light Blue and White with Red Stripe wires. On my particular vehicle, there were 2 Light Blue and 2 White with red stripe wires.


As with everything regarding wiring, make sure you test everything before making anything permanent. I used a cut piece of wire to bridge the pins on the connector to absolutely make sure I had the right ones before I cut into the wiring harness.


Once you find those wires, you cut them and make sure you leave enough wire to be able to use. In my case, since I have 2 light blue and 2 white with reds, I joined the matching wires together and created a single wire. Notice how in the picture the 4 red wires that I added turn into only 2.


Now that you have done that, go ahead and connect the relay. The relay that I used was the Sylvania Novita EP36 that I sourced from AutoZone. It's a generic relay that is found in the electrical aisle where all the light bulbs are at. I used a 3 prong relay that required a prong but if you are able to find a 2 prong relay that works too. Since I used a 3 prong relay, I grounded the relay to the bracket that holds the OBDII port.


Once that's all done, test out the relay and mount it however you would like. I like things simple, so all I used to mount it was some zip ties.


If everything was done correctly, you should have some nice turn signals with no hyper flash and without the need for resistors! Just make sure you check your bulbs every once in a while because since you bypassed the LCM, you will no longer have the bulb-out detection smile The following link has a collection of images of the install just for reference or in case you guys get stuck and need to look at mine as an example

Good Luck!! smile

#4111558 - 06/03/21 10:37 AM Re: How to eliminate LED Hyper-Flash by Bypassing LCM [Re: refe12]
AlleyG Offline

Registered: 04/28/14
Posts: 541
Loc: Raleigh, NC
I don't understand the need to go to so much trouble converting, but I also hate LED's. Everyone has their preference.

I got a new set of Ford headlights and bulbs, and the headlights are as crisp and bright as I would ever want. It looks like a brand new car coming at night. The key is factory components, not E-bay.

Carry on, lol!

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#4111576 - 06/03/21 12:30 PM Re: How to eliminate LED Hyper-Flash by Bypassing LCM [Re: AlleyG]
refe12 Offline

Registered: 05/15/21
Posts: 2
Loc: Texas
Yeah everyone has their own preference smile I like LEDs because of the low power consumption, low heat, and very long service life. To me, it’s worth the trouble. Not to mention I like to mess with anything and everything so I don’t mind messing around with wires smile I decided to write up this post just in case anyone wanted some information on the conversion because when I was trying to do my conversion, all the posts I found were very vague or were talking more about Pros and Cons and not really a guide smile

#4111672 - 06/04/21 02:04 PM Re: How to eliminate LED Hyper-Flash by Bypassing LCM [Re: refe12]
66lincoln Offline


Registered: 01/17/06
Posts: 112
Loc: Arizona
Is there a single relay within the LCM that controls the turn signal flash?

If there is, which one is it and could it be unsoldered and replaced with a relay that is okay for use with LED?
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#4112204 - 06/11/21 05:46 AM Re: How to eliminate LED Hyper-Flash by Bypassing LCM [Re: refe12]
SpitShine_PL Offline

Registered: 01/08/19
Posts: 164
Loc: Poznan, Poland
You don't need to go to that trouble.
You can splice in an external electronic flasher relay into two wires that go from the vehicle harness side to the LCM receptacle.

The writeup:
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