Bust out that camera and take some pics, put some effort into your entry, and see how your car fares against the other contestants! Winner gets their car on the front page of CVN for the month, bragging rights, and ability to use the POTM icon under their username.

There are a few rules to follow.

ff lincoln mercury

'91 LTD Country Squire (POTM Mar. '19) | '03 Marauder (POTM Nov. '10, Jul. '20) | 2010 P7B (POTM Feb. '21)
formerly: '02 MGM, '04 MGM, '04 MGM v2.0, '04 MM, '07 P71 (POTM Feb. '18), '04 CVLX (POTM Jun. '19 and the best car ever), '03 SAP P71