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CP's 2000 CVPI
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Poster CrystalPistol Offline
Posted 03/02/21 12:47 PM
I noticed I left out pics of my 2000 CVPI, it was the one that had a pushbar. 16" wheels, 225/60-16 rubber, looked like the '07 otherwise. It was geared lower though with 3.55s. I have a few pics of it though, some at work.

First picture was a split picture ... I had been sitting in a crossover backed in behind some trees one evening, had a digital camera at hand, and heard CB radio traffic alerting me that a fast tractor trailer was near by. I rolled a right side window down to hear, then I heard the tractor trailer coming moving a lot of air too. I got ready, he passed, estimated 100, released the hold just as I snapped a pic , 96 mph and then he hit the air which told me he was using a bird dog too. The narrow upper portion was where I took a picture another day to show the judge one of my spots. Reckless Driving and a Radar Detector, likely he was put to walking. Was not rare on I-81.

Second pic is at the office gassing up.

Third is a pretty nice look west one evening from the crossover atop North Mountain.
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#4100164 - 03/02/21 10:15 PM Re: CP's 2000 CVPI [Re: CrystalPistol]
Bellwestern80 Offline

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Definitely a beautiful insight to cars as they were in-service and the area you served in.

The handful of times I've traveled through Virginia, I always took it easy (maybe no more than 2 MPH over) since I had seen some folks stopped for maybe 6-8 MPH over the limit. What flew back home I didn't expect for it to the further I got away from home, and I definitely didn't have time to deal with any citations. wink

That said, I have always enjoyed the I-77 to I-81 portion of the route when I've gone to PA. Beautiful scenery on the climb between Mt. Airy, NC and Fancy Gap, VA. I've also hit up the Blue Ridge Parkway several times when I could.

#4100190 - 03/03/21 10:34 AM Re: CP's 2000 CVPI [Re: CrystalPistol]
VoodooChild Offline


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Very cool! Good hiding spot in that first pic. Over here they just sit in the median 99% of the time.
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#4100208 - 03/03/21 01:41 PM Re: CP's 2000 CVPI [Re: VoodooChild]
CrystalPistol Offline
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Originally Posted By VoodooChild
Very cool! Good hiding spot in that first pic. Over here they just sit in the median 99% of the time.
One day I took the local highway department office head ... an old buddy ... around the interstate to show him some improvements we could use to better deter unsafe driving during a time the Media was full of bad news of more serious wrecks and increasing traffic crash injuries & fatalities. I showed him by pulling into spots. He had a culvert put in that spot, runway graded, paved, and saved the pines too. Was just dirt, gravels, and a ditch that would get you stuck in. He fixed us some other places too.

#4100254 - 03/03/21 06:52 PM Re: CP's 2000 CVPI [Re: CrystalPistol]
TheNarrator Offline

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Never heard of them being called "bird dogs" before. cool2
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1 shot Canadian Club whisky (since he's not allowed to enter Canada anymore)
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a splash of 151 (to take the wrinkles out of your pants)
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#4100280 - 03/03/21 07:32 PM Re: CP's 2000 CVPI [Re: TheNarrator]
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Originally Posted By Rainbowpizza
Never heard of them being called "bird dogs" before. cool2
double thumbs I got to hear enough of them in testing before citing, that I could pull up near a truck at night un-announced, wait till he keyed his mic, then release the hold on the radar, hear the bark on the radio, see the brake-lights (hard to resist the urge to brake until one checks their speed) and tell the driver when stopped the brand he was using.

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#4100292 - 03/03/21 08:44 PM Re: CP's 2000 CVPI [Re: CrystalPistol]
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#4100314 - 03/03/21 11:49 PM Re: CP's 2000 CVPI [Re: CrystalPistol]
CrystalPistol Offline
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No, ... but I have said "I don't see a toothbrush" or asked them "You got a toothbrush" when they said they had it all (like maybe truck drivers toting log books and truck papers back to save me a walk like they're hoping to get on my gooder side.) ...
... and I have said in my best rendition of Ray Stevens .... "Yeah, I did" when one has said something like "you caught me good huh".

I have been known to say "Ray Charles could have seen that" when someone denied something I saw. One complained, said it was racist, guess they didn't know Ray Charles was blind?, Sgt. asked me to not use that one for awhile.

Really though, I let one know pretty quick that I was joshing ... maybe ... sometimes for sure. I think.

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