Both of mine were '97 clusters, the only way to make this mod work with a '97 cluster, is to use a temp/oil guage assembly from a '96 cluster. The oil gauge in the '97 (and probably newer) can't be used for this mod.

The '96 and the '97 clusters are identical with the exceptions of the oil guage and the resistor. To remove the assembly, you have to remove the 4 gold screws at the top of the cluster, and the other 4 at the very bottom. This will allow you to remove the "glass" and the black plastic frame surrounding the gauges. This will expose the gauge assemblies. Just grab the temp/oil guage assembly, and gently pull, it will unplug from the cluster.

The '96 gauge assembly will plug right into the '97 cluster, and since there is no resistor, you don't have to jump anything. I changed the gauge assembly without removing the cluster from the car.

Once you have done that, the only thing that remains is to change the sending unit. I recommend the Motorcraft SW2433, harder to get, but easier to install. The Standard part number is PS243, GP Sorensen is OPS134.
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