Good Tech dRock!
03+ Panthers, the predominant sensors that determine A/F (and most everything else) are the HO2S sensors. Under certain conditions, 10% of intake air is from EVAP, PCV, and EGR systems. Some of it is 'good' air (EVAP) and some of it is 'bad' air (PVC/EGR) Oxygen sensors help manage fuel, ignition and (on 05+ Panthers) throttle in reaction.
The problem with drawing PCV fresh air from the the airbox is that air is at a much lower vacuum than the PCV crankcase to plenum vacuum air. Placing the PCV inlet as far forward as possible on the airbox lid works well, but if you look closely you will still see the intake manifold pressure bounce a bit when the PCV solenoid thumps on. It's not perfect and there are limits, but it works.
I would suggest to anyone the '06+ CVPI inlet tube. Because it has only one outlet, those with IAC and PVC will have to decide whether modifying PVC intake is worth the hassle.
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