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My only question is who has specifics on how to splice the connectors for the maf snesor?I just purchased mine from a junkyard in the area for $50. I bought a tuner from lonnie from boc i just have to be able to connect it.

I am assuming that you have a 2000 CV from your signature. You have two choices then on the MAF connector. The first is the MAF connector you have now just plugs into the MAF sensor and you will need to make a hole in the airbox cover with a notch in it to hold your IAT sensor. Your second choice is to get this: http://www.blueovalchips.com/index.php?action=item&id=44&prevaction=item&previd=29&prevstart= If your ever want to sell the car in the future then you may want to go with the first choice. This info above applies if you got a marauder airbox from the junkyard. Anyway i don't which airbox you bought from the junkyard either. If you got the 04 CV airbox that has a completely different style MAF then your stock one and you would need a MAF pigtail harness from ford for that one also.

just email lonnie, he has instructions on how to splice the connectors
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