Pray that your's does not die.

After 4 hours I replaced the GM's starter with 172K miles on it. For anyone attempting HAVE to buy two 3/8 inch flex extension connectors for your socket extensions to flex around frame and engine components. AND you will need a variety of lengths of extensions to make a snake that will go around the motor mount and A/C compressor to do that 3rd inside-most bolt next to the block.
Without the flex connectors I could not get a straight extension to fit and attach a rachet to it to get the bolt off.

I had to play with different lengths and placement of the flex joints to finally get it to work to remove the bolts. My total length to do that inside-close to the block 3rd bolt was an extension about 2 feet long using both flex connectors.

I hope the newer 2003+ models with the redesigned front frame is better than this design.

FYI: I took the old starter apart and the seals had gone bad and let dirt inside, all the brushes and contacts were fine but grit had done too much damage to the rest of the starter.
1995 GM/LS -- 364K miles, engine rebuilt in my garage at 310K miles, 3rd plastic intake, 4th steering box, 2nd front suspension rebuild. MODS:1998 transmission, 1996 PCM, 1996 engine/trans wiring harness spliced in. A/C compressor cutoff dash switch, leather seats recovered with NOS cloth, dash switch for heater core shutoff valve. HPP springs installed front, police springs installed rear. 1997 steering box upgrade. My clearcoat is peeling off.

1992 Taurus LX -- 108k miles, added transmission cooler. Rear heavy duty springs.