Looking at RockAuto there are 2 different mufflers available for the dual exhaust system...the "Quiet Flow" and the "Sound FX" models. What is the difference? Do both have the hangers welded on as they are advertised as stock replacements?

Anyone know off the top of their head the size of the bolts at the cat/h-pipe flanges?

Also, on a NPI motor CVLX is it really even worth it to step up to the dual exhaust? I mean, there are MANY higher performing/HP cars that have single exhaust systems.

2000 CVLX-Walker SoundFX dual exhaust, P71 shocks, rear anti-sway bar, ARA3 ECM, AP103's, DDM HID's, Carroll Shelby Torq Thust M's w/Toyo Versado LX's, 35% tint.