Hi all.
I want to introduce myself and my newly acquired vehicle to you all. i live in the UK and build somewhat radical american vehicles for a hobby! But this time, I want to do something slightly different with on the forum.

What I am proposing is to fully detail the build/restoration/modifications of it and invite the last 9 owners (phew!) to view the thread and chip in when they want-either in defence or to clear up some history of the vehicle. I'm not nieve enough to think that they all will view it, but one or two might. Imagine the picture that could be built up if only 1 or 2 past owners post their comments. Even if it is to say that I am spoiling it!

I have full details of nearly all of the past owners, so I can write a few letters inviting them to have a look.

So, what is this new project?

It's a 1990 Ford LTD Crown Victoria LX Country Squire station wagon (thats about as long as the car is!) on our roads, this is a BIG car.

More to come.

PS may need some help from you guys in the US with this resto!