Actually I had only replaced some of the coils before cause the store didn't get them all in right away and now that I replaced the last few it is driving normally again. Could it just be a coincedence or could a very slight misfire which came out to 1 in each of the 2 cylinders in a 15 min run cause tranny issues like searching for gears occasionally and the light flashing briefly then going away? It would only do this 1-2 times per drive. Also the fluid leak is up in front from the hose on the tranny cooler so I am not sure if it could make it that far back.
2004 P71 Dodge County Sherrif 158K
3.27 Trac-Lock, BBK 78mm TB/Plenum, 1/2 inch spacer, SCT XCAL 2 Tuner with BOC Tune, OBX LT Headers Kit, ACCEL Super Coils, Light back tinted Headlights and Clear Side markers, 8K 55W HID, Heinous Control Arms from ADTR, 17 inch 06 GT Premium Rims
Up next either cams, stall, or gears.