Last year I had a no start on my 92 crown vic when it was very cold outside
I just turned the key and t was silent than after a couple of more tries it fired up
I read about the corrosion on the starter terminals and I am thinking about changing that too if I can ever get it out
There seems to be some bracket holding the harness in the back corner of the engine but I can't see back there because of the ac box
Anyone have a part number or know where I can get one ?

I managed to get out the starter with the dreaded third bolt
The stupid service manual was useless because it still showed the one with the 2 bolts
So I decided to tackle that and in the process I actually found another method that I haven't seen yet
I cut off and modified an extension socket so it's 3-3/4" long and a deep socket it has just enough room for the ratchet to fit between the starter end and the chassis frame
I wonder if Ford has a specialty tool for that

Now I am looking for a starter either new or a rebuilt one
Anyone has any suggestions of what's best ?
The starter that was in there was pretty rusted but the sticker on it was in good shape it said Authentic remanufactured Ford Parts RM-23
I thought it was the original one since I haven't changed it in 14 years when I bought the car used but it looks like it was a rebuilt one