Since I can't get the original harness and the custom one is not going to look exactly like the original I decided to make my own version

For the negative cable I went with the East Penn 00809 which is a straight top post (the original was a right angle top post) and 56" long which is a few inches longer so if I need to I can cut down the end and put a crimp lug on it

The positive cable has two 4 awg wires molded into one right angle battery post which I could not find anywhere
East Penn has one that is 56" long but the aux wire is like 12 awg which is too small so I could not use that one

So I am going to try a 2 piece cable One comes from the battery and goes to the distribution box and another one goes from the distribution box to the starter
So I used the East Penn 00293 which is 15" long (the old one was 12") and the other one is East Penn 00291 which is 49" long (the old one was about 53" but went all the way to the battery"

I ordered all of them from and paid less than $30

The only problem I see is I am not sure I can stack both cables onto the bolt at the distribution block I may have to change that bolt to a longer one

I decided to reuse the original expanding cable sleeving because I wasn't sure what material it is It must be some high temperature type to withstand the high exhaust temperatures
It's still in good shape it's just a little dirty but I can clean it up

One thing I am still looking for is that special black tape that is used to hold the push on clips in place

Anybody know kind of tape that is and where I can get some ?