Hey guys,

So I've been having some problems lately with my '97 P71 D.A.R.E. car. Started to get the car ready for winter here last week. Replaced the starter, new battery, oil change, fuel filter, and a cat back exhaust system. For the first day the car was running fine, but then on the second night all of a sudden it started missing when I would give it past 1/4 throttle. I thought well since it's been sitting for 5 months maybe there was some dirt settled in the fuel system, water, ect. Gave it a full fuel treatment and continued to drive it. This seemed to have absolutely no affect on the issue. Then cleaned the maf and throttle body, with still no results.

So yesterday I decided I would pull the plugs and try cleaning them up as well as the wires. I go and pull out the spark plug wire tube only to hear it full of a liquid. I put my socket down to the spark plug and sure enough the spark plug cylinder is full of about 3-4 inches of coolant and burnt smelling oil. Is this a head gasket?

After just putting almost $1k into this thing, and then finding out the sills are starting to rot really badly, and now it looks like my headgasket is going, it's been a tough week. Any advice would be greatly appreciated gentlemen. I know there are some extremely knowledgeable people on this forum when it comes to these cars.


* Car misses real bad when throttle applied.
* P0171 - p0174 codes present
* Car is fine when cold, gets progressively worse the warmer it gets.
* Fuel system cleaned out, new filter.
* Coolant / Oil in spark plug chambers
* Maf / throttle body cleaned

Again I would appreciate any input guys, I'm going to be tearing into it today after work to see if I can see where this coolant is coming from. And what would a thread be without pics smile Thanks - Adam West

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