Thanks Dallas for that picture write-up, I took my own set of shots for reference as well. The install went well, and I didn't explode any bags in my face laugh Since airbags are $40 bucks at Pick N Pull, I had to extract just the cover and they gave it to me for free since they didn't know what to charge it as lol. That meant I had to transfer everything from my old airbag to the new cover. Word of advice, DO NOT HOLD YOUR AIRBAG UPSIDE DOWN lol. I didn't though, but if it unraveled it would be bad.

If it wasn't for the EATC, I would consider my car even better than an LS now. Took some pics to show off the new sexiness, the emblem should be good for like...15hp right?


2000 Mercury Grand Marquis GS "Dewgong"