The 1131 and 0133 codes both point to the same fault and it's what's called a lazy O2 sensor. The sensors become contaminated and it's having trouble sniffing out the oxygen content in your exhaust. It's going to be the front O2 sensor on the passenger side catalytic converter. When you pull the O2 sensor, observe its condition and look for contamination, coloration that matches the color of your coolant, oil soaking, anything greater than some mild carbon soot. That can be an indicator that you've got bigger problems. I've seen O2 sensors repaired by soaking them in Simple Green engine degreaser. That's assuming it's just a little carbon buildup is in the sensor. The 0420 and 0430 codes most times indicate the catalytic converter is junk. You'd want to try and look at live data if possible to compare the O2 sensors on both ends of each cat. Otherwise, you could also shoot the front and the back ends of the catalytic converter with an infrared thermometer. If the temperature is colder at the back end, it means that the cat isn't heating up to burn off the excess hydrocarbons and whatnot. Leaky exhaust in front of the cats could be letting excess oxygen into the stream and throwing the codes too.