It's been a while since I've seen one. New guys probably don't know what it is, but I remember it being pretty fun back in the day. Thought I'd bring it back, see if any one is interested and we can make it work.

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This has become pretty popular on forums, and after discussing it with some late night chat fold (Rizzo, glock, 95P74) I decided I'd make a thread about it....

The idea is, A challenge is set. You have to go out and take a picture of your car to fulfill the challenge scenario. Once you do that, you post a new challenge for someone else to fulfill. Then it goes on and on...

Here's an example of what im talking about

Here's the CVN rules for this game

Pictures can not be older than two days

Any panther platform vehicle that is covered on CVN, is allowed in the game. But it has to be YOUR car, nobody elses.

Once you post a picture and complete the challenge, you have to post a new challenge

No changing challenges unless a minimum of 3 days have gone by and nobody has fulfilled the previous set challenge. (Meaning the first one you picked was to hard and nobody could do it, so you can make a new one)

Here's an example to say how it'd be done....

If i said "Post a picture of a panther next to a dunkin donuts" and PYPY posts a picture of his crown vic next to a dunkin donuts (You know him, he's gotta have that DD) then that challenge is done/finished/over and he would post a new one. Once a challenge is finished, it cant be repeated....

That being set, I thought I'd set the first challenge. In honor of my recently sold vehicle, lets do Panther next to a Jeep (any Jeep brand vehicle, even a new Cherokee lol).
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