okay.. about two days ago i went out to get something to eat before i had to go to work... on the 5 miles drive there my car was perfectly fine and running like it always has. after eating i hopped back in my car to go to work, as i was merging on the highway and accelerated up to speed between 50-60 mph (somewhere in there) i felt like i was driving over a rough patch of road... and on the way home from work i barely stepped on the brake and it still happened... if i put my foot down on the accelerator more it happens less. i checked all fluids on my car.. oil level normal.... transmission fluid bright red. plugged in my scanner, just the same code ive had for months now (p0420) and no pending codes... i figure it is something with the trans acting up... ive put about 12k miles on my car since owning it in a year in a half. it has almost 156k now. is there anything i can do to further diagnose the problem i am having here? i am aware that the torque converter could only act up if debris from the clutch are in there causing it to lock.. this problem has NEVER happened to me and my car has always shifted between the gears the same since ive owned it.. i thought my trans was in fairly good condition but im not sure.. any help is appreciated. im currently in the market for a 7.3 powerstroke or a 5.9 cummins diesel right now for a welding rig truck that would be my daily.. but i would like to keep my crown vic as long as possible. its always been good to be besides the few hiccups ive had. thank you
1998 CVP white
ex Louisiana state police car/then transferred to university of Louisiana Monroe fleet.
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