I have a beautiful '09 Crown Vic Interceptor and in the past few months, I have had to plug a TON of money into repairs. I have had the car for about 2 years now and here is what I have done:

NOTE: I am not a "car guy". I am an IT nerd that has had a crash course on learning more auto stuff in the last few months than I have in my 35 years of existence.

Some repairs were just "might as well do this while I'm here" repairs.
* Transmission
* Air Intake Manifold
* 2 Ignition Coils
* 2 Injectors
* Injector O Rings
* GVR line? I forget what its call at the moment.
* Alternator (210A)
* New Ground and Power Cables
* Thermostat
...I think that's everything. With that said here are a couple issues I am having yet.
I still have a cylinder that isn't firing correctly. This cylinder has a new coil and injector.
What else could be causing this?
Since this cylinder has new coil and injector, im assuming that moving that hardware to a different cylinder (to troubleshoot) wont really determine anything for me in figuring out whats wrong?

One of the issues that is seasonal (I live in Minnesota) is that when it gets cold during the winter...like now...my car will "click" when I turn the key, but wont start. This has happened just last night. I brought the battery inside to warm up, then a couple hours later brought it out, hooked it up, had to jump it for just a bit and she started.

Im going to pick up a blanket style battery heater tonight and see if that helps, but is there anything else that could be the cause of this? My car sits in the garage and my wifes Explorer, which has sat outside the last two days, started without a problem.

Any help on these issues would be VERY much appreciated. I am at my wits end trying to figure it out and hope I might be able to pick the brains of some gurus.

Thank you very much.