They are almost as light as a Fox Stang, make decent race cars.. The 5.0 was optional in the first couple years, had a '78 wagon with one... Bought probably four or five with the 3.3L(200) 6cyl, to resell, never owned one with the half motor... Had enough '74-'83 Stangs with the 2.3 4cyl(plus a '79 with the 2.8L V6 & a '80 with 3.3L & SROD), sure didn't want one in a F'mont... Around the time I quit "flippin" I'd acquired a '87 LX Stang with 4cyl & 5speed along with a 5 speed '86 GT... Finally gave the LX to daughter and she ran it up close to 200K mi before buying a new Saturn... Sold the GT to guy up in OH...
1998 Grand Marquis LS. 96K mi. .. Stock
2007 Grand Marquis GS. 90K mi. .. Stock
1996 F-150 XLT 196K mi Beater, Stock

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1969 Fairlane Cobra 428CJ 4-Speed
1972 Comet GT Restomod 306, C4
1988 Turbo Coupe 331 AOD & 3.73 .. Pressurized ½ Motor is History

*****************NEW TOY!!!*********************
1969 Base Fairlane 302, C4, 45K mi(really!)

Now with P/S & PDB
Gonna wake it up with a Blue Print headed 347