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Any old Windsor block will drop right in. But as it's a four-cylinder, why not be amusing and put the SHO turbo 2.3 in it?

The 2.3 turbo that would fit were used in '84-'86 SVO Mustangs and '83-'88 Turbo Coupe T-Birds... A donor T-Bird could give the parts needed, most of those were 5-speed with Traction Lock 8'8" rear and 3.55 gears('87 & '88)... I looked for approx a year at the auctions to find one optioned with automatic that I used for my 5.0/AOD swap...

The late 2.3 with all the computer controls, DBW etc would be a nightmare... If a stand alone harness could be sourced most of the work would be fitment...
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