Miss my four door and 2 dr sedan fox body cars. Even the 81 with the 255 V8 was fun for what it was.

The 302 in the 79 Zephyr was much better, I had an 80 2 door with the straight 6, which was an okay driver, it just didn't rev real well and wasn't well matched to the transmission and rear gearing, so it would shift and fall on its face.

I miss my 79 the most, I gave up on it after a lot of years and miles. The distributor gear roll pin sheared, and it took me forever to realize what was happening, as it was almost correctly timed a portion of the time, then off 180 degrees and just filled the exhaust full of gas until it slipped again and was nearly in time.

That color looks familiar, however mine was originally a silver car but they oxidize fast here without proper care.

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