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Any old Windsor block will drop right in. But as it's a four-cylinder, why not be amusing and put the SHO turbo 2.3 in it?

Note that a 2.3 turbo will bolt to a C4 with the appropriate bellhousing. (1974-76 Pinto/Mustang II)

Far more of Ford's 4cyl RWD used C4 behind the 2.3 than just Stang II... The trans currently installed in that Fairbox may well be a C4... Yeah I know many had C3(that '84-'86 Turbo Coupes also used), but C4 were widely used as well... Had '79 & '81 Stangs with 2.3/C4 and another junk yard 2.3 C4 that had Fairmont stenciled on it... Was in a '80/'81 Stang parts car when I got it...

BTW just checked a 1981 Hollander Interchange manual, both C4 & C3 are listed for 2.3 back to '74 for Stang and '78(first year) for Fairmont...

Of course the NA 4cyl(& 6cyl as well) trans were built with less clutches than their V8 counterparts, would guess the Turbo C4 may be built similar to V8 versions... Light duty C4 have a "PEB" ID while the versions with additional clutches are "PEE"...
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