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Seven days makes sense and would remove the need for an extension. I still think there should be some kind of default though in case, for example, someone participates once and their challenge isn't met and we never hear from them again.

If the challenge isn't met in 7 days, it could go back to the previous challenge, as a 'do over'. For example, if the current challenge isn't met in 7 days, it could go back to 'Picture of a dog in your Panther'. The new winner of that challenge would then be able to issue the next challenge.

Disregard what I said, I don't like that after all.

How about this:

If a challenge isn't met in 7 days, the member who issued it, issues a new one. If that member doesn't issue the new challenge within 3 days of the expiration (maybe they are sick, busy, no longer participating), the winner of the previous challenge gets to issue the new one. If they don't within 3 days, it drops back further, and so on. But I doubt if that will ever happen.

I'd also like to see challenges that involve actually driving your Panther. Stuff like "a pic of a cup of coffee in the cup holder" and "a pic with your windshield wipers on" are pretty lame, and can be met without leaving the garage. That's not what cars are made for. I've got a couple other challenges in mind, based on some of the discussions on other threads. Should be fun.
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