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That seems fine with me Blakat.

Question, for your drive through picture, do you have to get out of the car and take the picture while your car is blocking the drive through, or can it be taken from inside the car. And by drive through, do you mean anything with a drive through?

I was thinking about that, and I would love to see a photo from outside the car, but I think from inside the car is good enough, as long as we can see it is a Panther (i.e., dash, door trim, etc.) and it is obviously a drive through window. And yes, anything with a drive through, but it MUST be food or drink. (Not a drive thru toll booth!)

Bonus points if it is a CVPI at a drive thru donut shop! (Which is what I am really hoping to see.)

Heh, got one on my dashcam today. =-)

Depending on location, getting out of the car is simply not possible or practical, so from inside should be allowable.
Should be in general fairly open, mire it down with rules and you will get a lot of people who just won't even bother trying. And it'll keep a lot of the butthurt out of the game. I remember the last one somebody got pissed off becuase they figured their in-challenge "rule" would dominate even after set days of no response elapsed.

(attached ain't for the challenge)


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