Damn, I actually took this picture over an hour ago, but got stuck in traffic, and couldn't get it up loaded in time!

I know San Jose PD has Crown Vics, so I started off by punching SJPD into my TomTom. Found a hit ten minutes away from my hotel.

I get there, and it is a training facility, with only a single un-marked car in the lot.


Then I search for the next closest, 20 minutes away. That turned out to be SJPD Athletic League. One marked car in the lot.


Next closest was the SJPD Airport unit, another 20 minutes away. I get there, and there are all sorts of marked cars, but all of them Chevys.


Then I figured I would try to find the taxi stand. I thought this pic was cool too.

And I've got [censored] loads of frozen bodies of water back in Michigan! Oh well, wasn't meant to be!

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