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Blakat, no combines in London either, but thats what makes it a challenge isn't it? =-)

No different than trying to find a palm tree in Alaska.

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agri parts of Detroit.

No such thing.

Barns, farm animals, tractors and combines. C'mon.

I think you missed my tongue in cheek Detroit agri comment. Agri being the overgrown areas, the empty lots people have turned into garden lots.

I'd be willing to put money down that you would find farm animals in Detroit. Chickens.

Tractors (when not looking for a specific type) are easy, even road crews use them. And parking lot snow clearing being the most common right now. Until last year, there was a Hough Pay Loader used at a particular grocery store parking lot, that thing was from the early 70's. You want obscure, that would be difficult to find.

No farm land surrounding the Detroit area?

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I wish I had time to swing buy this tomorrow

Everybody gets a week.

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