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ok it was a very busy weekend but heres a couple of challenge tries

We have a winner!

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And can we please not issue any more challenges that are geography dependent? i.e., international border, hotel over 70 floors tall, palm tree, iceberg, alligator, etc.

Relax guy.
We cover an entire continant and more, I'd rather see entries from around the globe, even if it seems there is just a handful of use mostly midwesterners participating here.

Whats so bad about an international border? Its right on your doorstep. Marina, Highway, downtown Detroit, point at the water towards me, and bingo. International border. And think outside the box; metal palm tree, we've even got some of those up here. Summer time when garden centers are open, you got another chance at a palm tree. Challenge will be an outside the car shot for those however for where they are located.

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