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Whats so bad about an international border?

I was just using that as an example that would exclude the majority of members. Actually this shot is of an international border AND a hotel greater than 70 floors (73 to be exact), but I wouldn't issue that as a challenge for others.

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And think outside the box; metal palm tree, we've even got some of those up here.

I did think outside the box, but if we don't accept a stuffed sheep as a farm animal, then we can't accept a metal sculpture as a palm tree.

All I'm saying is that we can be creative about what the challenges are, without making it impossible for someone to participate, based on where on the globe they live. I would have no trouble taking a photo of my Panther in front of a store with their sign written entirely in Arabic, but I doubt if anyone outside the Dearborn, Michigan area could.

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