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Is there a weapon mounted to it?

Yes, this is what it looks like in the daytime


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Cluttering it up with so many rules kills it.

Actually, I was just trying to make it so MORE people could participate. For example, I could make the next challenge to be a photo of your Panther next to an Amish buggy and horse, but then only people in NY, PA, OH and IN could participate.

So that everyone can participate, the next challenge is:

Your Panther next to any vehicle from a different state, province or country.

We need to see the two different license plates in the photo (yours and theirs). If you want to obscure your plate number (I don't know why some people feel they need to) that is fine, but we still need to see the state/province/country for both vehicles.

Deadline: March 1, 2016
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