Mr Blakat, while your intentions are noble, there is a lot more out there, that you, I am sure, are aware of exist, even if none near you. Not every challenge has to be easy, not every challenge has to cater to us city folks. If we start getting picky about challenges, then just about each and every one could be called into question. Just becuase you or I may not have access, does not mean somebody else does not have access. I would have thought some of the corn states would have gotten into the combine, but alas not, however, the challenge was met in the time frame allotted.

tldr: Its a challenge. Not everybody has access to everything, but somebody, somewhere does.

toad: metal palm trees only count if the challenge poster doesn't specify a real palm tree.
And the plastic combine would have done the trick if there was a vic with it since I don't think I specified it had to be a real combine.

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