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This is the carpet kit I'm going to invest in, I'll let you know how it goes!

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I was thinking about this, which looks damn close to what h8m3 posted.


It literally looks like the same exact carpet.. but it's double the price.. wtf2

Has anyone had experience with any of these carpets??

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it appears that [OEM] carpet is discontinued. Aftermarket may be my only choice.

Before you guys write any checks or submit and credit card numbers, ask the sellers for samples to see just what sort of carpeting you'll be getting. Get samples of both the expensive stuff as well as the cheap stuff, in a few colors. Most places will be happy to sample a prospective customer for free. And in addition to color, find out the texture, style and "weight" of the carpeting you'll be getting; back in the days of "de-contenting" Ford changed the carpeting from a decent "13.5 ounce" to pretty sleazy ~"12 ounce."
Thicker carpet weighs more, and feels much more luxurious underfoot, like the carpeting in a Town Car Cartier, or Cadillac CT6, or a Mercedes S-Class. Get the best underlayment/padding available, too.

Good luck, Gentlemen! And, as always, PICS are mandatory! (before and after, if you can...)
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