Blakat, you can start plotting your revenge challenge. Once you get a chance that is... =-)

Out of curiosity, just how in the middle of Detroit are you that country side isn't a reasonable distance? And you got to make the ruins of Detroit work for you in some of these. The lost in the Forest challenge could be, in my opinion been had with an overgrown abandoned housing lot in the background. Think outside the box, and submit. Half the fun can be had seeing the attempts at trying to make a challenge with something open to interpretation. If the sun happens to hit one of those glass towers just right, you can get a prism effect, be pure chance, but things like that you gotta use. Like the palm tree challenge. Available across the country, even Detroit, except for us it won't be a bright sunny sandy background. It'll be a potted plant, a man made steel palm tree, or some art project your kid made at school.

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