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Out of curiosity, just how in the middle of Detroit are you that country side isn't a reasonable distance?

I don't live in the City of Detroit. The entire South East Michigan region is a large urban development, with the City of Detroit along the Detroit River and miles and miles of smaller cities in counties to the North, West and South, and is heavily populated. I live in one of those cities near the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, which is an International airport. (Delta Airlines has its hub here.) And even though my city is considered 'small', it has approximately 60,000 residents.

This is my neighborhood:

I actually drive from my subdivision, THROUGH the City of Detroit, and up to Sterling Heights (30 miles) every day for work:

Notice all the greyish area on the map? That is concrete and asphalt. Not even the green areas on the map are rural. They are just subdivisions that haven't cut down all their trees. No farmland:

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The lost in the Forest challenge could be, in my opinion been had with an overgrown abandoned housing lot in the background.

Actually that is not a common as you are led to believe. Sure you can find photos of some of those lots, but compared to the hundreds of thousands of lots in the city, its a very small percentage. Besides, that would be totally lame. And like I mentioned before, would be claiming a win for the sake of a win, and not actually fulfilling the spirit of the challenge.

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Like the palm tree challenge. Available across the country, even Detroit, except for us it won't be a bright sunny sandy background. It'll be a potted plant, a man made steel palm tree, or some art project your kid made at school.

Again, totally lame. And if my daughter's stuffed toy lamb didn't count for a farm animal, then why should anything else artificial?

Wood barns, farm animals, tractors, combines, lost in the woods.

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