Guess I need to do some more driving around the area.

But, ;-) Not lame. Outside the box. And it is up to the challenge poster to accept or reject if doing something not quite to the letter of the challenge.
The only exceptions is if the challenge is specifically worded to include something. Ie: a real goat. Inside, outside the car.

But also consider, if the week is approaching, odds are good you might be the only challenge submitter. And half the fun of this is seeing what people come up with. Ie: the IH challenge, I didn't post that pic to gain a win, I posted that just to get something with IH in the real world, it was Jeff's call wether to accept or reject since he posted the specific challenge. So hey, as that week deadline approaches, let your imagination run with it. At worst, we get a picture to look at. At best, you might gain a win. Its all in the spirit of people trying to capture something.
Out of the box.
Off the wall.
Half Full. Though I can hear you saying 'full of something alright...' =-)

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