Just figured I'd share my carpet experience here too, for the OP, and anyone else who may have been reading this topic and wanted an update.

ACC [Auto Custom Carpets]

I bought the "Essex" Super Plush Carpet from rock auto, of course it is manufactured by Rock Auto. If you've been keeping up with this thread you know that I said I and others have been reading reviews for ACC carpets and they aren't that good. i can testify that they should be heeded.

I have truly mixed feelings about this, from the installed and completed standpoint, I'm mostly satisfied with the final result, and that's all that matters. However, looking at it as a "looking to buy carpet for my car" standpoint, here's what you should know.

I bought the carpet WITH mass backing/padding and WITHOUT helped (pointless to me as I bought floor mats to go with the carpet. The quality is nice, it seems to be about the thickness of OEM carpet, and is "plush".. not as plush as shag carpet for instance, but is of decent 'plushness'.. The color is beautiful and is quite close to the color palette provided by the retailer.

The carpet came crammed in a small box. As per instructions, I popped the contours into place and let it sit for some hours.. and then some. I actually let it sit overnight, as it was too late to start on the project anyways. The carpet is way oversized, but it's made oversized and intended for you (the buyer) to trim it to your exact needs. I was expecting to have to work with it a little. no big deal.

The real issue is in the mold. The mold for this carpet is funky as week old gym socks.. I have no idea what car they used to make this mold but I sure don't think it was a Crown victoria. it seems that even with the carpet trimmed and in place in the front, the dimensions for the rear floorboard are off. The countless bad reviews online can attest to this. It took a lot of effort to get the carpet to fit cleanly and even then i had to so some surgery to get it to look right. The carpet will not work with you, it will fight you to the death. I think next time I'll get a house rug and shape it to the contour of the car.. LOL..

My final verdict:
Quality: Decent/good
Color pigment: Good
Molding: poor/bad
Ease of installation: Moderate, with the correct tools and a helper
Price: not the cheapest thing you will ever buy. But carpet in any form is expensive.
Would buy again?: No, unless absolutely necessary
Satisfaction: yes, now that the installation is over I think the car looks 100x better, feels a lot more comfortable, and smells better.

for pics you can click on 2006 P71 in my sig and you'll have all the carpet pics you'd ever want to see and more.
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