Just like the caption says, I bought a 5-speed swapped Vic. Although I broke my tradition of buying $600 cars with this one, I am happy with the purchase.

It's a 2007 Westerville (OH) cruiser and has the scuffs to prove it. The previous owner, a member here, installed the following goodies:
-10.5" clutch
-Pier's pedals
-Modular Head Shop stage 2 cams
-Kook's LT headers

This combo allegedly makes 270WHP and 299TQ on a 93 octane tune. I will likely have this re-tuned in the next month (more on this later in the post) or so and see what they left on the table.

Annnnyway, I brought it home yesterday and introduced it to the Marauder...

And the Marquis...

Today, I replaced a burnt-out taillight bulb and spent an hour getting the interior to a livable level...

Mechanically, there are some issues. I feel confident in some of them; not all of them:
-tackle the grinding sound/feel in the right front wheel when I'm turning (wheel bearing?)
-brakes all the way around - hoping for just pads - they squeal...bad.
-(this is the big one) re-tune the car, have MIL eliminators installed, turn the rear O2s back on in the tune, and HOPE TO GOD this thing passes Ohio's E-check. (they won't even test it with a P1000 code, which currently surfaces any time the car is started)

On the interior, the list is much shorter:
-clean clean clean
-fix the floor, shift boot, bezel, etc. It's...not right.

-who cares? It's a P71.

All of that being said, this is a very solid car. Rowing your own is fun, but third gear pulls are downright intoxicating.

Haters...hit me with your best shot.
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