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The rules are unfair

Please explain.

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I would also add that I have never won a picture challenge but could do it easily, very easily, if I ever wanted to. I dont

Wait, are you saying you don't want to win?

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But I would consider if said rules would be more fair to me.

Okay, do tell. I've tried a couple times to better define the rules, but the majority of the participants have shot me down, preferring to leave it loose, saying that too many rules have killed this in the past.

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Seems odd you would make a post on a subject you're not interested in.

To be quite honest, since the Whackerphobic old boys clique have declared open season on Blakat, the Picture Challenge is one of the few reasons I still log on. If you have a suggestion to make this more interesting or fair, I'm sure we'd all love to hear about it.

To certain others... no need to post a Tina Fey pic or to make vulgar comments about sand. It is understood.
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