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A photo of your Panther, taken from outside the vehicle, next to a real (no toys like my last lame photo), civilian vehicle done up in a camouflage paint scheme. Can be any camo pattern, including 'winter' or urban camo.

1000 extra useless internet points if you get a shot of a car maker's camo pattern, like the ones those of us in metro Detroit get to see all the time.

(This shot was taken on Oakwood Blvd in Dearborn, about 2 miles from my house.)
'Alfonso' and 'Isabella'
Twin 2008 Crown Victoria Police Interceptors
Former Sheriff's Department, Isabella County, Michigan

Inventor of the Blakat Grit Guard, Blakat Funnel, $1 Blakat Trunk Fix, Blakat Jack Mount, Cop Chip, and 'Whackerphobe', and winner of 31 Picture Challenges. nana