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Yep, new Challenge:

A picture of a toy/model version of your Panther in the foreground, and your real Panther in the background. It can be die cast, plastic model, whatever. The equipment does not need to be exactly the same (thinking about CVPI's) but the toy version needs to at least be the same color as the real one, and it needs to be the same style, i.e., Box, Aero or Whale.

I'm about 5 years early to the challenge.


***06 LTC Signature Limited, Silver Birch, 15 Year Old Maps, Movie Theater Audio, Hole-N-Roof, Seat Toaster, TheSunIsMyEnemy Windows,***POTM 06/18 - 10/18***, Garage Queen
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P.I. zip tube and airbox, Mo's tune, Mach 1 chin spoiler, 4 tone horns, 18" Mustang Premium wheels, UltraGauge, 20% Tint, J-mod, 03 Fogs, Bluetooth FM transmitter, Wired back up camera. Dynomax UltraFlows

***00 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer, Spruce Green, 5.0 HO, AWD, Highly Optioned, J-mod, GlassPacks and "high flow" cats, Kenwood radio, UltraGauge, 200k. The "Spruce Caboose"

***95 Ford Taurus GL, FFV PUMICE C/C, 153k, Digital Dash, 18" Fusion wheels, Lowered, Complimentary Check Engine ABS Light."Soap"