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If you guys can't find one other person on CVN to meet, then do whatever you want but this photo "challenge" thread needs to be renamed because you guys are being total wimps about finding literally one other member within a half-hour drive from your houses.

Make CVN great not so f'n lazy again:

I support this message. I have plenty of members around. I just haven't posted any meet pics because I don't succumb to terrorism.

75mm DBW TB

Click to reveal...

2005 Grand Marquis GS Two Tone Edition

Vibrant White over Arizona Beige

The GS Two Tone Package includes:
� hood ornament
� c-pillar emblems
� LS style body side moldings
� body color mirror caps (the b-pillars are body color too, but I don't know if that is package specific)
� two tone interior (mine is leather and includes embossed logos on the seats)
� front door sill plates that say �Grand Marquis�