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If you guys can't find one other person on CVN to meet, then do whatever you want

Okay, sounds good.

According to the guidelines we've been following, it falls back to me to issue the next challenge:

In honor of Memorial Day, take a photo of your Panther (from outside the car) with a full sized (3' x 5' or larger) American flag usa

If you live outside the US, please feel free to substitute with your own national flag.

in honor of those that served

2016-05-28_12-24-15 by Wags4000, on Flickr
2003 CVLX; 312k mi (perch 103k); P74; Black Paint/Black leather; Blinking side marker mod; 2.73 open dif; Autolite Dbl Plat; General Altimax RT43; LCM Ext relay, FRPP mani; Max-Life 5w-30

03 Crown Victoria LX by Wags4000, on Flickr

2001 Merc GM LS; RIP at 340k mi (bought at 67k)-my former commuter. Finally passed on due to no one driving it and things just stopped working.

1986 Merc GM LS; 165k mi (bought at 118k)- Red with White vinyl half roof; 5.0L; RIP
87 Caprice Wagon; 356k; 5.0L(307cu) RIP