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What's the next challenge?
This one requires you to socialize and know your locals. You might even meet a new friend.

You and your Panther next to another CVN member* and his/her Panther. No selfies - find someone to snap the picture or use the timer function on your camera/phone.

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*"CVN member" must be have an account over a month old, and must have at least 10 posts.

After a grueling 40 minute drive I met up with another CVN member for a detail day.

Zorin on the left, myself on the right.


***06 LTC Signature Limited, Silver Birch, 15 Year Old Maps, Movie Theater Audio, Hole-N-Roof, Seat Toaster, TheSunIsMyEnemy Windows,***POTM 06/18 - 10/18***, Garage Queen
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P.I. zip tube and airbox, Mo's tune, Mach 1 chin spoiler, 4 tone horns, 18" Mustang Premium wheels, UltraGauge, 20% Tint, J-mod, 03 Fogs, Bluetooth FM transmitter, Wired back up camera. Dynomax UltraFlows

***00 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer, Spruce Green, 5.0 HO, AWD, Highly Optioned, J-mod, GlassPacks and "high flow" cats, Kenwood radio, UltraGauge, 200k. The "Spruce Caboose"

***95 Ford Taurus GL, FFV PUMICE C/C, 153k, Digital Dash, 18" Fusion wheels, Lowered, Complimentary Check Engine ABS Light."Soap"