Next challenge might be super easy, or super tough, depending on where you live. It will also be a little different depending on where you live:

A photo of your Panther (from outside the car) parked at a business with a bilingual sign.


If you live in the US, one of the two languages can NOT be Spanish.
If you live in Canada, one of the two languages can NOT be French.
If you live outside North America, the sign needs to be in your country's 'native' language, and the other language can NOT be English.

For example, this in Dearborn, Michigan, United States, five miles from Ford World Headquarters.
'Alfonso' and 'Isabella'
Twin 2008 Crown Victoria Police Interceptors
Former Sheriff's Department, Isabella County, Michigan

Inventor of the Blakat Grit Guard, Blakat Funnel, $1 Blakat Trunk Fix, Blakat Jack Mount, Cop Chip, and 'Whackerphobe', and winner of 31 Picture Challenges. nana