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There was a motorist on the side of the freeway yesterday with a flat tire. If I wasn't in such a damn hurry to get home from work (our 30th wedding anniversary), it would have been the perfect opportunity to help someone, and pull off a win at the same time. Oh well, maybe tonight...

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Congrats Blakat to you and Mrs. Blakat, My wife and I just made 25y

Congrats to both of you guys... and your very tolerant wives.
My wife and I just observed our 47th last week on the 7th... we're going to "celebrate" with the obligatory Prime Rib dinner next week, when our favorite restaurant has their "Prime Rib Special" deal.

Congratulations on all those anniversaries. I feel a little like a whipper snapper at celebrating only 20 years, last week... double thumbs
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And so, putting on a CAI and exhaust mod on a fuel injected 4.6L 2v land barge that spends 99.99999% of it's time at partial throttle will mean diddly squat to economy.
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Cobra Vic... Need a [donor] car (preferably a 03-04 cobra), stainless works headers, custom clutch pedals, beer, lots of beer, time, money, money, money and when you think [you're] almost done, more time and beer and money.