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Congrats Blakat to you and Mrs. Blakat, My wife and I just made 25y

Thanks, and congrats to you too!

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Congrats to both of you guys... and your very tolerant wives.

Thanks....and you have no idea!

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My wife and I just observed our 47th last week on the 7th..

Congrats to you too!

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Congratulations on all those anniversaries. I feel a little like a whipper snapper at celebrating only 20 years, last week

Thanks, and congrats to you to! 20 years.... amateur!

Back to the topic....

I saw THREE people on the side of the road on the way home yesterday, but in all three cases, I was a couple lanes over, and by the time I realized it, I didn't think I could cut across the lanes of traffic safe enough to pull over. I usually don't feel guilty about blasting past broken down cars on the highway, but this thread has made me think about it more. I'm sure I'll get another chance tonight.
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